RA-80 XL Multifunction RGB Switch Off Road Lights

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RA80 XL SERIES RGB switch panel is now available!

We provide a better operating experience for you to control the lights & device! Auxbeam latest switch panel is equipped with a 5" larger panel and 1" buttons. It’s not limited to just controlling the “ON/OFF” of the LED Lights or electrical devices. Enjoy RGB backlighting and change lighting modes to have fun programming with RA80 XL switch panel!

Upgraded Functions: 

✔ XL size - 5 Inch panel & 1 Inch button, larger than the common model
✔ RGB backlight - Unlimited color options match dash lighting and vehicle
✔ 3 mode setting - Toggle/ Momentary/ Pulsed
✔ DIY switch panel - 60pcs stickers, meet your different needs
✔ 10FT wiring harness - Extend from 9FT to 10FT



Working voltage: DC 12-24V
Max current: 60A
Rated voltage: 12V 20A / 24V 10A
Operating at 12 Volts: max power rating of 720W
Operating at 24 Volts: max power rating of 1200W
Switch operation: On-Off
Operating temperature: -40°C - +105°C
Waterproof rating: IP65


  • 8-Gang one-sided outlet switch panel. It allows you to control up to 8 different LED lights or devices just from one convenient place at the same time.
  • XL size. 5 Inch panel & 1 Inch button, larger than the common model. You can command all your vehicle accessories by the tap of your finger in a more easy and comfortable way.
  • 3 modes setting. Each switch has 3 kinds of light status, different indicator status represents different working modes.
● RED-Toggle, Constant light mode
● BLUE-Momentary, Press & hold the button to turn on, then release the button to turn off

● GREEN-Pulsed, Flash mode


  • RGB backlight color. Adjust backlight color and brightness to match your vehicle.

  • Backlight brightness automatic dimmable. Automatic adjustment according to the brightness variation of the environment.

  • Customize your own switch panel with 60 universal stickers.

  • Universal fitment. Widely use for Truck, Boat, Car, Bus, Off-road, Powersports, Marine, ATV, UTV, SUV, Heavy-duty machines, etc.

  • Waterproof IP65, high sensitivity, stability and strong anti-interference ability

  • Easy Installation. No complicated wiring, no need to cut a big hole in your vehicle. Plug & play wiring harness can connect the LED lights or accessories easily. Two types of mounting brackets, you can install anywhere you need, such as the dash panel, center console, overhead sunglasses holder, etc.

Package Included:

  • 1 Set of RA80 XL Switch Panel (all necessary hardware and wiring harness is included)
  • Installation Instructions


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